Removing a Water Connection

Removing a Water Connection

It is the property owner's responsibility to properly abandon a water service lateral that is no longer in use. The owner is responsible for properly removing the connection at the point where the service lateral is connected to the City water mains by a method satisfactory to the City.

If you need to abandon your service please call Access St. John's at 311 or (709) 754-CITY (2489). Your request will be forwarded to a Water and Wastewater Division representative, who will contact you with regards to specific details of the request.

The Water Deferral Permit allows the applicant to defer the actual abandonment of the property water service(s) for a specific period of time. The following conditions apply in order to protect the City's interest.

  1. The applicant shall pay an abandonment deposit equal to twice what the City's Water and Wastewater Division estimates it will cost to do the work
  2. In order to verify proper abandonment of the water service, the Water and Wastewater Division shall be contacted to inspect the works in the open excavation (24-hours notice required). Upon verification that the water service has been properly abandoned, the Water and Wastewater Division shall arrange for the release of the Abandonment Deposit to the Applicant.
  3. If the applicant has not properly abandoned the service lateral after the expiration of the date committed to in the Water Deferral Permit, the City may elect to have the work completed with the applicant forfeiting the abandonment deposit in its entirety.

The applicant is advised that prior to the commencement of any of the physical work to complete the abandoning of the water service lateral, the property owner is responsible to ensure a Street Excavation Permit is in place.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a request visit Access 311.