Building Permits and Inspections

Building Permits and Inspections

building permit, building plans and safety hatBuilding Permits are required for all new construction and extensions, additions, structural changes, floor layout changes and relocation of existing buildings and occupancy changes within the City of St. John’s. Permits must be obtained prior to the start of any of these activities and regardless of who is carrying out the work for you, it is the owners responsibility to ensure a permit is in place.

A repair permit is required for all repairs or renovations to existing buildings for which a building permit is not required. Repair permits do not require the submission of an application and generally can be issued over the counter without delay. See Getting a Permit - Repair Permits for more information.

If you’re considering a project such as building a shed, porch, fence or house for example a building permit is required. Similarly, renovating office space or erecting a sign for that business also requires a building permit.

In order to obtain a building permit an  Application Form  must be submitted along with supporting documentation such as building plans, specifications and surveys. The accompanying information required varies depending on the scope of the work.

See Getting a Permit for more detailed information on how to submit your permit application for a particular project.

Building Inspection staff are responsible for reviewing applications and plans for construction in the City of St. John’s and carrying out inspections to ensure compliance with the National Building Code, the St. John’s Building By-Law and others related to the regulation of building. Items as varied as the quality of the concrete poured for a foundation; or the sizing and spacing of joists; or the location of smoke detectors are examples of items checked.

Depending on the scope of the work the number of inspections per project varies, for example there are mandatory stages of inspections required to be carried out on new buildings and extensions or renovations, which are outlined on the back of the permit. It is important to bear in mind that it is the owners responsibility to ensure these inspections are requested, carried out and approved.

Please refer to the Inspection Services Fees and Rates page for more information on permit costs.