Renovating or Extending a Business

Renovating or Extending a Business

The first step is to determine if there are approvals required from other agencies or jurisdictions (we require an approval or exemption from the Labour Division, Government Service Centre, for accessibility requirements for all applications, prior to a permit being issued; Health Division, Government Service Centre approval is required for any business where food is prepared or sold; if the building contains a fire alarm or sprinkler system approval of system extension would be required from the Fire Commissioner (through the Government Service Centre}; if the business is an assembly occupancy with a Fire Department capacity card, then the St. John’s Regional Fire Department must issue a new capacity card, if capacity is affected by the work.)

Next you must determine if there are issues related to zoning or Development Regulations.

If you are planning an extension you should check with staff to determine setback or other lot restrictions. As well, if the approved occupancy is a discretionary use or non-conforming use in the zone, approval through the Department of Planning, Development and Engineering will be required.

Detailed plans of the extension or renovation must be submitted to the third floor of the John J. Murphy Building (City Hall annex) along with a completed application form for a Permit to Construct or Demolish. The plans examiner will issue a plan review letter with any Code issues addressed. Once all approvals are in place and the plan review letter issued, a permit can be obtained. Please refer to the Inspection Services-Chedule of Rates page for information on permit costs.

Only contractors licensed to operate in the City of St. John's may pick up Electrical and Plumbing permits, carry out work, or request inspections.

During the course of the work, inspections will be carried out to ensure compliance with Codes. The inspector must be contacted and an inspection requested at various stages before components are covered up..the next stage cannot proceed until that stage has been approved by the inspector (for extensions – excavation prior to footing placement, foundation and drain tile inspection prior to backfilling. For extensions and renovations (when applicable) – Framing prior to insulation, insulation and vapour barrier prior to drywall and final inspection applicable in all cases.

Prior to final approval/occupancy, final approvals that are applicable from other agencies must be completed and forwarded to the Department of Building & Property Management; (i.e. labour-accessibility, Health, Fire Commissioner-alarm/sprinkler).