Christmas Tree Permits

Christmas Tree Permits

The City has a limited number of permits available for the sale of Christmas trees on the City open space on Topsail Road opposite McDonalds Restaurant, bordering Banting Place. Permits will be available for sale on the first Friday of December each year. They are available, in person only, at Access St. John's.

A permit fee of $200, plus an additional $100 returnable clean-up deposit must accompany each application, with a maximum of two permits per applicant, effective on the permit date as advertised. Cash, visa or debit will be accepted. If lots are still available after the initial day of the sale of the permits, additional permits may be obtained with no restriction to the number of permits issued.

The $100 clean-up deposit will be returned to the name and mailing address that appears on the receipt.

Other Christmas Tree Information
1.  Cutting of trees on City land is prohibited.
2.  Cutting of trees from crown land or outside City limits falls under the Department of Forest Resources & Agrifoods at 709-729-4180.
3.  During the Christmas season minimum standard bylaws are usually not enforced for business permits for the sale of trees unless a complaint is received.
4.  The sale of Christmas trees from privately owned lots requires the  permission from the business/property owner i.e. gas station, malls, etc.

Sale of Other Items at This Lot
The Topsail Road lot is also available for vendors throughout the year for other items for sale, such as Halloween, pumpkins, specials events, fireworks, etc. Requests for access to this lot outside of the Christmas tree permit season must receive approval from the Parks Operations Assistant prior to the issuance of the Permit. In addition, there are restrictions on  vendors who want to sell fireworks. Before issuing the permit: the vendor must have approval from the St. John's Regional Fire Department and a $2 million General Liability Insurance coverage. Applicants who will be selling from trailers must complete a Building/Development Application to occupy the temporary premises.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a request visit Access St. John's.