Changes to Invoice Processing

Changes to Invoice Processing

Changes to Invoice Processing - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City of St. John’s making changes to invoice processing?
In April 2021, the City of St. John’s implemented a paperless invoice processing system to help increase efficiencies for invoice receipt, processing and vendor payment. Invoices are imported into the system where it is electronically managed which allows for greater visibility during processing and reduces the use of paper which helps us achieve our environmental goals.
How should I send my invoices to the City of St. John’s?
Invoices should be generated into a PDF file format with one invoice per PDF file and in portrait mode. Invoices should then be sent by email to
In many cases, vendors should be able to create a PDF invoice and email it from their financial software. This type of PDF is preferred as the quality and positioning of the invoice is consistent. However, vendors who do not have this capability can scan their invoices to create a PDF document but should ensure the quality of the scan is legible and in portrait mode.  
Why should I send my invoice in electronic PDF format by email?
The advantages include:

  • Faster payment: The City will be able to receive, verify and pay your invoices much faster; receiving invoices electronically takes days of the Accounts Payable process and thus increases your cash flow.
  • Quicker follow up: The City will be able to answer your inquiries much quicker.
  • Save paper & money: Your company can achieve significant cost savings in invoice processing (as much as $5 to $10 per invoice) by processing invoices electronically instead of paper.

Can I send multiple invoices in the same email?
Yes, you may send multiple invoices in the same email so long as there is just 1 invoice per PDF file.
Previously, I sent invoices to Can I still use this email address to send invoices?
No, you should not send invoices to the email address. Invoices sent to this email will be redirected by City staff which could delay importation into the new system resulting in longer processing times.

The email will still be used for inquiries or general Accounts Payable correspondence.

Please note, if you have inadvertently submitted an invoice to it is not necessary to resubmit it to the new email address as we will manually redirect it. 
Can I still send invoices to the City of St. John’s by Canada Post mail or courier?
While not preferred, the City can still accept a paper-based invoice as sent by Canada Post mail or courier. Invoices received in this manner will have to be converted to an electronic format by City staff before invoice processing can start. Paper invoices will take longer to process which may result in a delay of payment to the vendor.
Can I fax my invoice to the City of St. John’s?
While not preferred as this will slow down the invoice processing, if you are unable to send a PDFs invoice, you may fax them to us at 709-576-8564 Attn: Accounts Payable. 
What City email address should I use to send invoice inquiries or payment related correspondence?
As noted, vendors may still send email inquiries or general correspondence to

The email account is intended for invoice submissions only and is not monitored.
I already sent an invoice to the City of St. John’s but I have not received payment.  Should I resend the invoice?
No, you do not need to resend an invoice you have already sent to the City. Sending duplicate invoices can slow down invoice processing and delay payment as both system and clerical time is required to reconcile duplicate invoices.

If you have not received payment for an invoice, email with the invoice number and the status of the invoice will be provided.
If I require further clarification on invoice processing, whom should I contact?
If you have any questions regarding the new process you can email the Accounts Payable team at  or contact Tammy Walters of our Finance team by telephone at 709-576-1022.
** We also remind you, to ensure efficient invoice processing and to minimize payment delays, please be sure your invoices include all required details including the PO number. The purchase order number is authorization of the purchase and allows accounts payable to quickly identify who to follow up with should there be any questions during processing.**
Personal Information – Privacy Concerns
Do not include personal information on invoices and supporting documents submitted directly to Personal information as defined by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 includes but is not limited to: individual names, individual contact information, and/or sensitive information pertaining to an individual. If you are unsure if personal information is contained within an invoice or document, please contact the City of St. John’s Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator at or 709-576-8429 for clarity. 

In circumstances where personal information is required to support an invoice, reach out to your contact at the City to discuss how to submit the invoice for processing.