RETIRED - Heritage Policy Working Group

Retired Committees

The Working Group’s purpose is to review the heritage policies of the City and recommend any new policies or programs which are needed.  The Working Group will meet monthly for a limited period of time until its work is complete.  Its progress will be reviewed at the end of April 2019 to determine if it should continue.  
Specifically, existing policies will be reviewed to ascertain if they adequately address the following areas: 
• Standards applied in heritage areas
• Standards applied to designated heritage buildings
• Need for financial or other incentives • Protection from demolition by neglect
• Identification of large properties that may be threatened by demolition
• Best practices for built heritage used in other municipalities
For further information about this Committee, please contact Kathy Driscoll, Legislative Assistant.

Agendas for this committee can be found here and minutes can be found here.

Name (last/first) Group Represent
Councillor Burton, Maggie Council Representative/Chair
Blackwood, Bruce Public Member of the Built Heritage Experts Panel
Dellow, Jessica Board Member of the NL Historic Trust
Wolf, Emily Architectural Historian
Collins, John Economist
Cashin, Ann-Marie Planner III-Urban Design and Heritage
O'Brien, Ken Chief Municipal Planner
Schamper, Rob Technical Advisor
Bishop, Linda Senior Legal Counsel