RETIRED - Animal Care & Control Experts Panel

Retired Committees

The Animal Care and Control Experts Panel provides expertise, opinion and perspective about City of St. John’s Animal Standards of Care, bylaws, policies and other matters that support excellence and professionalism in animal care.
The Animal Care and Control Experts Panel will:

  • Review bylaws and policies pertaining to animal control and care to ensure current best practice and standards.
  • Make recommendations on public education and awareness programs regarding the importance of sterilization to prevent overpopulation and unwanted pets, animal care and the appropriate veterinary services.
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding convenient, affordable spay and neuter clinics.
  • Provide advice on maximizing adoption services in partnership with local rescue organizations.
  • Provide input on the City’s animal care programs and services.

For more information contact the Supervisor of Legislative Services.

Panel Members  
Councillor Jamie Korab Council Representative/Champion
Dr. Laura Rogers Provincial Veterinarian
Michael Austin Local Animal Rescue and Care Agency
Sandra Woito Local Animal Rescue and Care Agency
Rose Browne Animal Behaviorist
Lynn Cadigan Provincial Animal Welfare Consultant
Manager - Humane Services City Staff

Agendas for this Panel can be found here and minutes can be found here.