RETIRED - Police & Traffic Committee

Retired Committees

The Police and Traffic Committee serves to review and consider matters related to the control and movement of vehicular, pedestrian and cycling traffic within the City of St. John's.  It is mandated to review, advise and make recommendations to Council on all traffic management issues, including, but not limited to parking control, speed limits, crosswalks, crossing guards, load restrictions, school safety zones, traffic lights, traffic calming and traffic signs.

For more information about this committee contact Maureen Harvey, Legislative Assistant.

Name Group Represented
Debbie Hanlon Chair - Councillor at Large
Keith Woodfine Metrobus
Percy Rideout Citizen Representative
Scott Cluney Downtown St. John's
Sgt. Paul Didham Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Staff Representative City Department
Deputy City Manager Public Works
Manager - Traffic Services Traffic Services Division
Supervisor - Traffic Signals Traffic Services Division
Supervisor - Traffic & Parking Traffic Services Division
Supervisor - Parking Services Traffic Services Division

Agendas for this committee can be found here and minutes can be found here.