Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole/Standing Committee

Committee of the Whole (COTW) meetings take place every second Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to noon in the Council Chamber on the fourth floor of City Hall. All meetings are chaired by the Mayor and the agendas will consist of specific portfolios overseen by various members of Council as per the list below:

Member of Council Total Council Porftolio (2021 to 2025)
Danny Breen
  • Governance & Strategic Priorities
  • Economic Development
  • Audit Standing Committee
  • Immigration & Tourism
  • Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador (MNL) Baord Rep
  • Big City Mayors Caucus 
  • Citizenship Court
Deputy Mayor
Sheilagh O'Leary
  • Community Services
  • St. John's Transportation Commission
  • Arts & Culture Advisory Committee
  • Pippy Park Commission
  • Urban Municipalities Caucus Rep
  • St. John's Public Libraries Board
Councillor Ward 1
Jilll Bruce
  • Audit Standing Committee (Council Lead)
  • Northeast Avalon Joint Council
  • Clean St. John’s
Councillor Ward 2
Ophelia Ravencroft
  • Housing
  • Affordable Housing Working Group
  • Victoria Park Foundation
  • Downtown St. John’s Board
  • Water Street Infrastructure Project Liaison
Councillor Ward 3
Jamie Korab
  • Development
  • Development Committee
  • Quidi Vidi Rennies River Development Foundation
Councillor Ward 4
Ian Froude
  • Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Bike St. John’s Advisory Committee
  • Environment and Sustainability Experts Panel
  • St. John's Transportation Commission
Councillor Ward 5
Carl Ridgeley
  • Regional Fire Services Committee
  • Regional Water Committee
  • Regional Wastewater Committee
  • Shea Heights Board
  • Goulds Recreation Association
  • Bowring Park Foundation
Councillor at Large
Maggie Burton
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation & Regulatory Services
  • Environment & Sustainability Experts Panel
  • Bike St. John's Advisory Committee
  • Built Heritage Experts Panel
  • St. John’s Transportation Commission
  • Youth Matters
Councillor at Large
Sandy Hickman
  • Public Works
  • Canadian Capital Cities Organization
  • Water Street Infrastructure Project Liaison
Councillor at Large
Ron Ellsworth
  • Finance
  • Audit Standing Committee
  • St. John's Regional Fire Department
Councillor at Large
Debbie Hanlon
  • Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Seniors Advisory Committee
  • Special Events Regulatory Committee
  • Cruise Ship Liaison
  • Business Support Initiative


Committee of the Whole agendas before July 2019 can be found here and minutes before July 2019 can be found here.

Minutes and Agendas after July 2019 can be found on the calendar