Affordable Housing Working Group

Working Groups

The Affordable Housing Working Group is responsible to provide advice to Council regarding housing system related policies, directives and strategies as well as implementation of the 10-year Affordable Housing Strategy, 2019 to 2028. In implementing the Strategy, the Working Group is to consider relevant City policies and activities which impact the Strategy and ensure communication with the appropriate parties. The working group will ensure that there is a comprehensive understanding of housing, affordable housing and homelessness issues and initiatives.

For further information contact Jennifer Squires, Legislative Assistant

Name Group Represented
Douglas Pawson End Homelessness St. John's
Sonya Clarke-Casey First Light NL
Gail Thornhill Stella's Circle
Brian Butt Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Grayson Kelly Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation
Sandra Whiffen Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland and Labrador
Alexis Foster Canadian Home Builders Association NL
Robert Piccott Poverty Reduction, Government of NL
Councillor Ophelia Ravencroft City Council Champion
Staff Representative City Department
Housing Manager Housing Division
Affordable Housing & Development Facilitator Chair - Housing Division

Agendas before July 2019
Minutes before July 2019
Minutes and Agendas for July 2019 to October 2020 can be found on the calendar

For further information on the Committee's mandate and membership composition, please refer to the Terms of Reference