Results Dashboard

Results Dashboard

Our City, Our Future is the City's ten-year strategic plan. The plan's four strategic directions set the long-term focus for the City. Each direction includes several goals that translate into specific actions every year.

Goals are designed for the term of Council, with each new Council making adjustments to reflect emerging and changing priorities. The City identifies strategic actions through a departmental planning process which results in an annual action plan.

Progress reports, including commentary on specific actions, are provided to Council on a quarterly basis. The last detailed Council Progress Report is available online.

The dashboard below provides real-time results from the strategic plan, showing which actions have been completed, are on track for completion, or are behind schedule (note that percentage completion will fluctuate based on the time of year as actions are added on an annual basis thus impacting the overall completion rate of strategic directions and goals). Initiatives that are indicated as behind have progressed, but not as quickly as planned due to a variety of challenges or delays. Initiatives that are overdue were scheduled to be fully complete by the indicated due date but for a variety of reasons have been delayed and were not completed on time.

Select the buttons below for more details on the progress of actions being undertaken.