Roadside Pruning

Start Date: 
Fri, 2018/04/20 - 4:00pm

The City of St. John’s is conducting roadside pruning operations from February to April to remove low hanging branches that interfere with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, in addition to removing any dead or decayed branches that can negatively affect tree health.
Areas scheduled for roadside pruning in winter 2018 are:
Amherst Heights
Amherst Place
Berrigan Place
Boggy Hill Place
Carson Avenue
Eastmeadows Crescent
Eastview Crescent
Factory Lane
Fagan Drive
Freshwater Road
Glenridge Crescent
Gooseberry Lane
Halifax Street
Holbrook Avenue
Holbrook Place
Jasper Street
Lomac Road
McNeilly Street
Midstream Place
Milbanke Street
Quebec Street
Riverview Avenue
Ryan Street
Simms Street
Topsail Road, from Waterford Bridge Road to Cornwall Avenue
Toronto Street
University Avenue
Waterford Bridge Road, from Road DeLuxe to Bowring Park
Learn more about the City’s roadside pruning maintenance on our website.