Public Information Session - Long Pond Weir Project

Start Date: 
Wed, 2015/01/21 - 7:00pm

The City of St. John’s is proposing to construct a concrete flood control weir structure at the outlet of Long Pond. The project was a recommendation that came out of the Rennies River Catchment Stormwater Management Plan.  A public information session is planned to give residents additional information of the Long Pond Weir Project.

Information concerning the Rennies River Catchment Stormwater Management Plan and associated Long Pond Weir Project may be viewed at the Department of Planning, Development and Engineering, third floor, St. John’s City Hall. 
The Public Information Session will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 21, 7 p.m. at the Foran-Greene Room, 4th Floor, St. John’s City Hall.

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