Promulgation Notice - Sanitation Regulations By-Law #1637

Tue, 2021/01/12 - 12:45pm

TAKE NOTICE that the St. John’s Municipal Council has enacted the new St. John’s Sanitation Regulations By-Law.

The said By-Law was passed by Council on the 11th day of January, A.D., 2021, so as to repeal the Sanitation Regulation By-Law enacted April 23, 1986, and enact a new comprehensive Sanitation Regulations By-Law regulating disposal of residential waste in the City of St. John’s.
All persons who wish to view such Regulations may view same at the Office of the City Solicitor of the St. John’s Municipal Council at City Hall, and any person who wishes to obtain a copy thereof may obtain it at the said office upon the payment of a reasonable charge as established by the St. John’s Municipal Council for such copy.

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