Expressions of Interest: Commissioner Assessment Review Court

Start Date: 
Mon, 2018/11/19 - 4:00pm

Solicitation of Expressions of Interest are invited from Persons Interested in being Appointed as a Commissioner of the Assessment Review Court for the City of St. John’s
2019 marks the beginning of a new three year property assessment cycle as established by the Assessment Act, 2006. The City of St. John’s must appoint an individual, or individuals, as Commissioner(s) of the Assessment Review Court to hear appeals against property assessments.
A Commissioner cannot be an employee of the City or receive any form of remuneration from the City other than as provided by the Assessment Act, 2006 and is generally appointed for a three year term.
The successful candidate(s) is/are required to be familiar with the role and obligations of a quasi-judicial tribunal, the jurisdiction of the Assessment Review Court, the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness, and the provisions of the Assessment Act, 2006. Persons selected as Commissioner must exercise sound judgment and skills in communication, provide an objective and independent viewpoint, and respect the Court’s responsibilities and processes. They will also be required to become familiar with, and stay up to date with, relevant case law.
The following are desirable skills and areas of background/experience. While not mandatory, applicants with previous experience in the following areas may be preferred for consideration for appointment:

  • Previous review tribunal experience
  • Real estate knowledge
  • Property appraisal skills 

Persons interested in being appointed a Commissioner of the Assessment Review Court should submit their resume and cover letter, and a proposed compensation plan which provides for an hourly rate to the Office of the City Clerk by 4 p.m., Monday, November 19, 2018.