Expression of Interest: Committee to Review Mobile Vending

Fri, 2020/06/19 - 4:30pm

The City of St. John’s is seeking expressions of interest from an individual in the traditional restaurant/retail sector to sit on a committee to discuss mobile vending throughout the City. The committee will be comprised of City staff, Council representatives, a representative of the mobile vending sector and a representative of the traditional restaurant/retail sector.  

The committee’s mandate is to provide Council with meaningful insight to help facilitate a mixture of mobile and traditional vendors to enhance the vibrancy of our city. The ideal candidate will be the owner/operator of a traditional restaurant or retail store that understands the benefit of mobile vending for the City’s residents while also able to effectively communicate any concerns that traditional store owners have with mobile vending.

Interested individuals should email the City Clerk at on or before Friday, June 19, 2020.