Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 10:45 AM

What We Heard: Ten Year Affordable Housing Strategy

house and family

The City of St. John’s released a ‘What we Heard’ document following a public engagement process which took place between May and June 2017, to help inform the next 10 year Affordable Housing Strategy. The document can be found at

The City’s first Affordable Housing Business Plan (AHBP), Creating Opportunities, Housing Our Community, was a four year plan which concluded in 2017.

A number of themes emerged throughout the City’s engagement process, including:

  • Demographic realities
  • Housing needs
  • The importance of accessibility
  • Energy efficiency as a function of affordability
  • Transportation costs
  • Partnerships 

The information obtained through the consultation process will be used to help inform the new 10 Year Affordable Housing Strategy. The strategy is being developed in consultation the Affordable Housing Working Group. It will then be presented to Council and shared with the public for feedback before being officially adopted. To learn more about ‘What we Heard’ during the consultation process for the new strategy please visit