Monday, November 19, 2018 - 5:15 PM

Timed Free Parking Zones to be Installed

To encourage parking turnover in areas where there are missing or broken parking meters the City is introducing a temporary solution of ‘Timed Free Parking Zones’.

The temporary zones will be marked with signs to indicate the free parking time limit to motorists in certain sections. The time limit in each section will vary from 2 hours to 4 hours and decisions on the location of each zone have been made in consultation with the local business community.

The impacted areas are outlined below in order of priority. A Public Service Announcement will be posted on the City website in the coming weeks, prior to enforcement in these areas.

Proposed areas for 2-hour free parking zones:
Duckworth Street (Cochrane Street to Cavendish Square)
Freshwater Road (near Leo’s and Ches’s restaurants - currently 4 hour)
Harvey Road (across from Tim Horton’s / Paramount Building - currently 4 hour)
Rawlins Cross lot (currently 4 hour)
Water Street (Prescott Street to Gill’s Cove - currently 4 hour)

Proposed areas for 4-hour free parking zones:
George Street (Springdale Street to Waldegrave Street)
Lemarchant Road (Pleasant Street to Lime Street)
Cavendish Square
Cathedral Street
Church Hill
Duckworth Street (East of Cavendish Square)
New Gower Street (west of Springdale Street)

The city has a five-year plan for a Paid Parking Management strategy, which will see a combination of new parking meters, pay-by-phone via app or toll-free number, and pay stations. New meters hardware and pay stations are scheduled to be phased in starting in early 2019.

The Timed Free Parking Zones are a temporary measure to encourage regular turnover for on-street parking spaces in the downtown core.