Friday, February 02, 2018 - 1:30 PM

Panel to Review Audit Function

Responding to calls from the public to establish a Municipal Auditor General to improve the City’s governance and enhance transparency, the City of St. John’s is set to establish a panel to review and advise on the best governance process for its Internal Audit function. 

Three individuals have offered themselves to conduct this review at no cost to the City: Terry Paddon, former Auditor General; Lynn Zurel, Chartered Professional Accountant; and, Simon Lono, public representative.

“Establishing this review and considering the concept of a Municipal Auditor General is an important step towards open and transparent municipal operations,” said Mayor Danny Breen. “We want to assure the public they can have confidence in how their tax dollars are spent. If this independent panel feels that this approach is best for the City we will certainly consider that option.”

The proposed members of the panel were tentatively approved during Committee of the Whole meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 31 and final approval is expected during City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 5.

“To determine the best and most transparent approach for our audit function, we are pleased that three highly respected professionals have come forward to offer their expertise,” said Debbie Hanlon, Council Lead for Audit and Accountability. “I look forward to working with this panel as they develop their recommendations, which will be made public upon completion.”

The City’s current Internal Audit function has existed for a number of years, is comprised of two staff members, and brings a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the City’s risk management, control and governance.

Media Contact:
Kelly Maguire
Media Relations
City of St. John's