Wednesday, April 05, 2017 - 1:00 PM

Open Air Burning – Fire Safety

Brush and wildland fires can present a serious threat to lives and property. High winds, warmer temperatures, and drought conditions can make fire seasons progressively worse. Whether cleaning up your yard or clearing land to build a new home, the St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD) wishes to remind all citizens that a permit is required for open air burning, or burning in a barrel.

There are several conditions to meet in order to obtain a permit:

  • The fire shall be a minimum of 15 meters from all brush, debris or combustible materials.
  • The Permitee shall have at the location of the fire at least 1 person and adequate firefighting equipment and water supply for SJRFD to extinguish the fire if it becomes necessary.
  • The fire shall not exceed 1.5 square meters.
  • No more than one fire shall be burning at a time.
  • The fire shall not be left unattended until it is extinguished completely and the fire is to be extinguished before dark.
  • No open air fires are permitted during periods of high or extreme Fire Weather Index or in winds over 20 km/h.
  • The permit does not allow for the burning of heavy oils, items containing natural or synthetic rubber, animal carcasses or animal wastes, asphaltic products, waste petroleum, paints, plastics, aerosol cans, electrical wiring, treated wood products or any other material other than plant growth, paper products or untreated wood construction wastes.

A copy of the complete open air fire regulations can be obtained on the City of St. John’s website.

For more information:
Michael Maher
Fire Prevention Officer
St. John’s Regional Fire Department