Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 3:15 AM

Municipal Plan Review Moving Forward

Over the past few months the City of St. John's has been seeking the public's input into its Municipal Plan Review - Envision St. John's. A series of meetings have been held in each of the City's five wards, as well as special interest areas such as Downtown, The Narrows and the Georgestown neighbourhood.

"We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this process," says Councillor At Large Tom Hann, Chair of the Planning and Housing Standing Committee and the Municipal Plan Review Advisory Group. "The meetings we have had throughout the City have given us valuable insights that we can incorporate into our Municipal Plan as we move forward with this process."

The minutes from the public meetings held to date are available on the City's website on its Municipal Plan Review page.

Through the summer, Department of Planning staff have been kept busy working on the Municipal Plan Review and compiling all of the information that has come in to date.

There are still many opportunities for residents to get involved and make their voice heard. The City has been posting polls and discussion questions on its Facebook page based on the key topics which came up during the public consultation process.

The City will begin the next round of public consultations in the fall with several upcoming meetings on specific topics, such as heritage and the environment, which will help to form the basis of the City's Municipal Plan. Residents are also welcome to submit a written submission by E-mail:

"The Municipal Plan will guide Council in the development of our City for the next 10 years," says Councillor Hann. "This is a very important document and I hope residents will continue to stay involved and engaged in this review process."

The Municipal Plan is the most important policy document for the City's land use decision-making. It guides the use of all land and property in the overall interests of the municipality and its citizens.

For further information:
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Tom Hann
Councillor At Large
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City of St. John's
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