Monday, April 15, 2019 - 7:45 PM

Municipal Audit Function Review

Today, City Council voted to fully accept all recommendations outlined in the Municipal Audit Function Review Report. The report recommends ways in which the City can enhance the current Internal Audit Division however, it does not recommend establishing an independent Municipal Auditor General. The full report can be viewed online in the Committee of the Whole Agenda (April 3, 2019).

“The Panel did not recommend establishing a Municipal Auditor General at this time,” explained Mayor Danny Breen. “Instead the report makes other recommendations to strengthen our current Internal Audit Division. For example, one of the key recommendations is creation of a City by-law which will serve to strengthen the independence of the current Internal Audit Function.”

In addition to those identified above, three key recommendations of the report include:

  • That there be two public representatives on the Audit and Accountability Standing Committee; one being the Chair.
  • That one additional staff member be added to the Internal Audit Division.
  • That the City review the Internal Audit governance process every five years. 

In 2018 the City established a three-member panel to review and advise on the best governance process for its Internal Audit function in response to calls from the public to establish a Municipal Auditor General to improve governance and enhance transparency: Mr. Terry Paddon, CPA, CA – Chair; Ms. Lynn Zurel, CPA, CA; and Mr. Simon Lono.

As part of the process, the Panel considered the municipal audit landscape in Canada and the current audit environment at the City of St. John’s. The review process included meetings with council, senior staff, the Internal Audit Division, the Chair of the Audit and Accountability Standing Committee, a public meeting and opportunities for public comment through the City’s engagement website.
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