Friday, November 29, 2019 - 11:15 AM

Key2Access Pilot Project Promotes Safety and Inclusion

Today, representatives from Mount Pearl, Paradise and St. John’s announced a pilot project designed to enhance safety at intersections and crosswalks for people who live with sight loss or mobility challenges.
Key2Access is a new technology that offers an accessible alternative for requesting a pedestrian crossing that does not require the user to reach a button on a pole. The system provides access to the pedestrian push button using a fob or free mobile app and ensures that an audible signal is available for those living with sight loss. This wireless approach can also tell the user the street names and any additional information available to improve one’s ability to identify environmental factors so that they can cross an intersection or a crosswalk safely.
The municipalities of Mount Pearl, Paradise and St. John’s are piloting this new technology for one year at strategic locations, chosen in consultation with the CNIB, and their self-advocates.
Additional information about the pilot project including locations and testimonials from current users are in the attached backgrounder.
“I applaud these municipalities for stepping up to improve accessibility. There is nothing more terrifying than trying to navigate crosswalks and busy intersections when you have low or no vision. In the prelaunch phase we have received very positive reactions to Key2Access. The benefits are going to extend beyond vision loss because those who find it challenging to access the buttons on the poles will find they can now do so with the help of a fob or the Key2Access app.”                                                              
- Debbie Ryan, CNIB Program Lead, Advocacy & Public Engagement
“We are pleased to partner with the CNIB to support Key2Access and help improve pedestrian safety and accessibility in the Town of Paradise. It is exciting to be able to pilot new and innovative ways to enhance safety for all our residents. The response from individuals who have tested the new technology has been positive, and we look forward to continuing to work with our community partners to build on this initiative.”                
– Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie, Town of Paradise
“The City of St. John’s endeavors to be an inclusive and welcoming city for all residents. This new technology will greatly improve accessibility and safety at several intersections and crosswalks. We are pleased to join our regional partners in piloting this technology and I look forward to feedback from people who are already using Key2Access during their daily commutes.”
– Councillor Deanne Stapleton, City of St. John’s
“As municipalities, we talk a lot about inclusivity and accessibility, and the Key2Access Pilot Project is not just talk, it’s action. All of our residents, especially those with visual impairments and/or mobility challenges, should feel safe and supported in navigating our City, and this project is a start to helping us achieve that. We are proud to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing the benefits for our residents.”                                 
- Councillor Andrew Ledwell, City of Mount Pearl
Kelly Maguire
Media Relations
City of St. John’s

Lesley Williams, Marketing and Communications Officer
City of Mount Pearl

Diane Keough
Communications Manager
Town of Paradise