Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 8:15 PM

Fire Watch: Apartment Buildings, Condos and Public Occupancy Buildings

A message from the St.John’s Regional Fire Department.

All occupied buildings that are currently without power and are equipped with a fire alarm system are required to implement a fire watch immediately.  The fire watch will remain in place until the power has been restored.

A fire watch is assigned to an individual who will act as the fire alarm for the building.  The individual assigned to fire watch is responsible for the following:

  • A continuous walk through the building with two way communications such as a cell phone
  • Flashlights shall be utilized
  • All occupants shall be made aware of the situation and be willing to cooperate
  • The individual responsible for fire watch shall call 911 immediately if they suspect a fire

It is important to note that illumination of emergency lights and Exit signs will only last an average of 30 minutes once the power is out.