Monday, March 04, 2019 - 3:00 PM

Envision Development Regulations to be Adopted in Principle

After a period of extensive writing and review, the Envision St. John’s Development Regulations are complete and will be presented at Council today for adoption-in-principle. Once Council formally adopts-in-principle the draft Municipal Plan and Development Regulations, the documents will be sent to Municipal Affairs for provincial review and release. 

“Envision reflects the directions of Council on land use policies and incorporates wide-ranging public commentary,” explained Councillor Maggie Burton, lead councillor for planning and development. “Together, the new plan and development regulations articulate our approach to future land use and development in St. John’s, and we are very pleased with the final results.”

Guided by this and previous Councils, the City has devoted considerable effort to preparing these documents.  The draft Envision Municipal Plan was published for public review in 2014, edited in 2017, and updated to the present date with some changes to ensure that all standards proposed in the draft Development Regulations are enabled by the draft Municipal Plan.

Under the Urban and Rural Planning Act, a municipal plan is adopted for a 10-year planning period, with a regular review scheduled every five years. 

“Until a new plan is ready, the existing plan remains in effect and does not expire,” explained Councillor Burton. “The current St. John’s Municipal Plan, 2003, has been amended from time to time and will remain in effect until the new Envision Plan and Regulations have been adopted and approved by Council and registered by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment.”

The regulations are available on the city’s website and the public may also continue to comment on the regulations by using until they are enacted, sometime in the near future. A public information session is also being planned for this spring.

Regarding built heritage, it should be noted that the Envision Municipal Plan continues the City’s policies on heritage and its ongoing protection and future use.  Many of the standards and regulations in the current St. John’s Development Regulations will be transferred to a new St. John’s Heritage By-Law, currently in development, which will made available for public review and comment before final approval. 
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