Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 10:00 AM

Correction Notice: Ward Boundaries

mapcentre image of boundary of St. John's wards 2 and 3 including Hamilton Avenue

New ward boundaries take effect on Election Day, September 26, 2017. In the initial announcement and on page 20 of the summer edition of the City Guide there was an error related to Hamilton Avenue and Hamilton Avenue Extension. The online edition has been updated.

The City Guide indicates that Hamilton Avenue will change to Ward 3, however it is remaining in Ward 2, with the following exceptions:

  • Hamilton Avenue civic # 344 to 368 will change from Ward 2 to Ward 3
  • All Hamilton Avenue Extension will change from Ward 2 to Ward 3

Ward boundaries are reviewed approximately every ten years to equalize ward populations, based on the principle that elections should give each voter equal representation.
Ward details are available on the City’s website, and the existing ward look-up feature has been revised to reflect the pending changes.