Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 5:00 PM

Contract Awarded: New Pay Stations and Meters

Parking sign, black letter P with a Green circle around it

On Monday, August 19, City Council awarded a contract for the supply of new pay stations and parking meters to Cale Canada in partnership with EDC Corporation.

The new pay stations and meters will have many payment options including most credit cards, debit cards, smartphones, and will be configured with ‘tap’ card reader, making it convenient and easy to use. They will also be equipped with a magnetic strip reader for credit card payment.

The exact locations of the pay stations will be determined in consultation with the service provider. Downtown and Churchill Square for example, will see pay stations in strategic locations that are convenient to the parking spaces they serve, and some areas may continue to be serviced by individual meters.

All meters and stations will be cashless during the first year of operation, at which time the impacts of not accepting cash will be evaluated and Council will determine the best long-term approach.

The Paid Parking Management Strategy is a five-year plan that began in 2018. The strategy, frequently asked questions, and background information is available at

Implementing recommendations and actions from the Paid Parking Management Strategy is identified in the Our City, Our Future 2019 Action Plan under the goal to improve safety for all users on a well-maintained street network.