Tuesday, October 01, 2019 - 1:15 PM

Committee Assignments and Council Leads

During Monday's City Council meeting, Council voted to revise committee assignments for the next two years. These changes strive to improve efficiency at the committee level and enhance overall governance and accountability.

As a part of the Committee of the Whole structure, each member of council is required to hold a lead position on various committees, boards, and/or portfolios that are applicable to their wards, areas of interest or expertise.

“The Committee of the Whole structure and Council assignments have worked well during the first two years of our term,” said Mayor Breen. “Some council assignments are remaining the same, with a few structural changes being made to improve accountability and to better serve our residents and business community.”

The role of a lead is to introduce decision notes, items and issues in Committee of the Whole; speak publicly and to media on decisions of Council that fall within their respective area; and to communicate with staff on current issues pertaining to the role.

New changes to the committee structure include:

  • Regulatory Services is added to Transportation
  • Economic Development is now under the Mayor’s office
  • Tourism, Culture and Immigration has been created to focus on the increased importance of immigration to the city
  • Environment and Sustainability Experts Panel is replacing Environmental Advisory Committee
  • A new Business Support Initiative is added to the Finance portfolio
  • A new Graffiti Task Force is added

The revised committee assignments align with the City’s strategic direction to be an ‘Effective City’ with the goal to ensure accountability and good governance though transparent and open decision making.