Monday, February 24, 2020 - 3:45 PM

City Launches Storytelling Page

'our city, our story'

The City of St. John’s has launched a new page on its website that features the stories of residents and their connections to the community.

Our City, Our Story utilizes digital storytelling to tell the personal stories of individual residents, community influencers and business owners and their connections to St. John’s. Stories will be added regularly and the public are invited to share story ideas by emailing

Individuals currently featured include community activist Josh Smee, business owner Byron Murphy and former Olympic athlete Paula Kelly, for whom the aquatics facility at Paul Reynolds Community Centre is named.

Stories on this page will primarily be stories of place, as defined by the StoryCenter: “…sense of place is the basis of many profound stories… insights into place give us insight about your sense of values and connection to the community.”

The City of St. John’s wants to create a city where people feel connected, have a sense of belonging and are actively engaged in community life. This project is identified in the Our City,Our Future  Action Plan under the goal to increase and improve opportunities for residents to connect with each other and the City.