Monday, February 13, 2017 - 1:45 PM

Canada 150 Community Leaders Named

Today the City of St. John’s announced its participation in the Canada 150 Community Leaders network.

“I am pleased to name Councillor Jonathan Galgay and human rights activist Remzi Cej as the local voices for St. John’s for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation,” said Mayor Dennis O’Keefe. “Jonathan is a strong, young voice for the City and an active participant in community celebrations, and Remzi, as chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Commission and one of the youngest recipients of the YMCA Peace Medal for Human Rights Education, is an excellent representative of what makes our nation great.”

Recognizing that community building is nation building, this unique national network of Community Leaders will ensure that municipalities are showcased as part of the Canada 150 celebrations and beyond.

The network will be comprised of Community Leaders from thousands of municipalities across Canada, ensuring the municipal voice is front-and-centre during the year-long celebrations.

For more information on the Canada 150 Community Leaders network, please visit the FCM website, Follow the national network of local leaders on Twitter using #Muni150 or through the FCM Facebook page.

Follow Jonathan @JonathanGalgay and Remzi @remzicej on Twitter.

Media Contact:
Kelly Maguire
Media Relations
City of St. John's