Budget Information

Budget Information

The City of St. John's' annual budget is ratified by Council each year in December for the upcoming year. The budget outlines the City's projected revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year.

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Budget 2017
On December 12, 2016 the City of St. John’s released the details of Budget 2017, the second year in a three-year budget plan.

  • Revenues and expenditures are balanced at $294.4 million for 2017, a 2.58 percent decrease over 2016
  • Mill rates will drop .5 mills for both residential and commercial properties, bringing 2017 rates to 7.3 mills for residential and 24.7mills for commercial.
  • Water taxes for residents will drop by $50 from $630 to $580 and commercial water usage rates will drop by 7.9%.
  • Key themes in Budget 2017 include efficiency, seeking new sources of revenue, maintaining core services and helping to stimulate the economy, where possible.

Budget 2017 includes an announcement that the City will begin the process towards automated garbage collection, with the purchase of new equipment and vehicles in 2017. Details of the program will be announced following public consultations, but the program will include a recovery fee for bins, similar to the programs in other regional municipalities.

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