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Budget Information

Budget Information

The City of St. John's' annual budget is ratified by Council each year in December for the upcoming year. The budget outlines the City's projected revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year.

Budget 2018
Budget 2018 is the third year in a three-year budget plan.

  • Revenues and expenditures are balanced at $294,591,088 for 2018, a marginal 0.1% increase over 2017.
  • Taxation rates remain unchanged for 2018 and no new fees or charges are identified for the upcoming year.

Key themes in Budget 2018 include efficiency, engagement, continuous improvement and maintaining core services. A planned citizen satisfaction survey, a review of the public transit service and a panel to consider the potential for a Municipal Auditor General top the list of key initiatives for the upcoming year.

“Our new Council has a solid foundation in place for 2018 on which to move forward,” said Mayor Danny Breen. “We will turn our attention to planning for the next three years early in the year, with a comprehensive engagement strategy as we look to develop both a new strategic plan and a new budget plan.”

Key Resources and Information:

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