Downtown Parking

Downtown Parking

Whatever your reason for travelling to downtown by car, you will need somewhere to park. This page provides information on parking in the downtown area, as well as a cost calculator so you can see how much you could save by carpooling or switching to public transit. For more information on travelling around St John's by public transit, visit Metrobus Transit's website.

Parking Map
St. John's has over 2,700 off-street parking spaces available around the downtown area. Most of these spaces are provided by private companies, but are available to the public. Most private lots cost around $1 per half hour. Monthly passes for off-street can vary from $60 to $140, depending on the location. Click the symbols on the map below for more information on each location. The City provides on-street parking throughout the downtown area, as shown on the map below. For more information on on-street parking meters, please go to Parking Meters.


Two hour maximum stay
Four hour maximum stay
Ten hour maximum stay
Parking symbol Off-street parking (click for details)

Car Pool Registry
Car pooling or ride sharing is a simple yet effective way you can save money, reduce congestion and address environmental concerns, all at the same time. Carpooling also lessens the pressure on the parking system. Commuters are encouraged to arrange informal carpools with colleagues or neighbours or have an independent company such as do it for them.

Travel Cost Calculator  
The cost calculator below will help you compare the cost of travelling using different modes. Note how much can be saved by taking transit, carpooling or walking/cycling! This includes the cost savings the City and the taxpayer will realize by not having to expand parking.

If you are uncertain about the length of your trip or commute, try Google Maps. Default values in the form are typical for Canadian cars and users.

How long is your commute? km
How many days per week do you commute? days per week
What is your car's fuel consumption? litres/100 km
How much do you pay for fuel? per litre
How much do you pay for parking? per trip
How much do you pay on a car loan? per month
How much do you pay for insurance? per year
Auto cost $148 per month
Carpool cost $168 per month (sharing with four other people)
$220 per month (sharing with one other person)
Transit cost $70 per month (using a monthly pass)
Walking/cycling Free