Youth Awards

Youth Awards

Youth of the Year, Junior and Senior
The City of St. John’s Junior and Senior Youth of the Year Awards were developed by the Municipal Advisory Committee on Youth (M.A.C.Y), and is open to St. John’s residents between the ages of 12 to 18 years-old. The Youth of the Year Awards are designed to honour young people in the city, who through their volunteer contributions, extracurricular activities and community involvement have helped to make St. John’s a better place to live.
Each winner receives a recognition award as well as a cash award sponsored by The Ellsworth Group of Companies. Nomination deadline is Friday April 6, 2018.  Awards will be presented during the Annual Youth Week Luncheon Friday, May 4, 2018.

Youth of the Year Award Application

Congratulations to the 2017 Junior Youth of the Year Zaira Freda and Senior Youth of the Year Jamin Tamang.


Left to Right:  Zaira Freda and Jamin Tamang

Junior 2017: Zaira Freda
Zaira Freda, is a grade nine student who attends St. Paul’s Junior High School. At the age of 14, she is considered to be an outstanding individual with strong leadership, a solid academic standing and a positive personality. Zaira is described by her teachers as an intelligent, strong leader who is very personable, enthusiastic, and a true humanitarian.

Zaira always demonstrates a strong work ethic. Her ability to devote her time to multiply activities, including many volunteer causes and still maintain one of the highest academic standings is an accomplishment managed by few her age. Zaira has been a huge part of her school’s leadership and many social justice initiatives during her three years at St. Paul’s. She is a very engaging public speaker who hosts her school video announcements every morning and has emceed school events, bringing a gymnasium full of teenagers to absolute silence. She was nominated Athlete of the Year with the St. John’s Sea Stars Synchronized Swim Team in 2013 and this past November was selected as a WE Day ambassador for Free The Children’s WE Day event in Halifax, NS. This is an honour bestowed on the most passionate, articulate and caring youth in our country.

When it comes to her school and her community, Zaira is heavily involved on both a provincial and national level. Her accomplishments are too numerous to list completely, however some areas where she has given of her time and talents include fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity & The Gathering Place, Ronald McDonald House, Fort MacMurray Fire, Jorga’s Journey Sleep Tight project, Fluvarium Camp Counsellor and her church choir. She has been involved with Bell Let’s Talk, Canada Day Celebrations with City of St. John’s, has spoken with the City’s Mayor regarding recycling issues, and is currently organizing a Spring Concert for the residents of Kent’s Pond-Tiffany Village. At her school she has been involved with Who Wants to Save a Life Program, Breakfast Club, Recycling Team, and Show Choir. Zaira helped with the launch of her school app, spirit week and school dances. She is also a mentor to new students.

Zaira’s ability to make good things happen, her leadership abilities, academic achievement, and genuine desire to volunteer and help others are rare qualities amongst her peer group.
Senior 2017: Jamin Tamang
Jamin Tamang, is a grade 12 student who attends Holy Heart of Mary High School. Jamin is a hardworking, conscientious and responsible individual who has overcome a great deal of adversity in his life. Since his arrival in Canada from Nepal, Jamin worked hard to achieve academic success, flourished in a plethora of extracurricular activities and has dedicated himself to volunteer work.

Jamin spent the first 13 years of his life living in a refugee camp. The harsh realities of this environment cannot be overstated: living in poverty and dealing with the many dangers that can arise there. Since his arrival in Canada 4.5 years ago he has set his sights on schoolwork and mastering the English language. His hardworking nature compliments his kind and calm disposition nicely, never hesitating to help others in his school, friend circles and in the community.

Jamin has participated in many extracurricular activities including Sharing Our Cultures program, which showcases a wide variety of student’s cultural backgrounds, is an active member of the Boys and Girls Club and was involved in their Youth Stories Project. Jamin has also reached Bronze Level with Duke of Edinburgh and is a prominent student at Holy Heart of Mary High School being a member of the After School Program, focusing on studies and homework and attending the Holy Heart ESL Soccer Club every week, consistently exhibiting good sportsmanship.

Jamin has volunteered 2 years with The Association for New Canadians, SWIS Team facilitating a Summer Camp for newcomer children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Jamin is outstanding working with children, teaching them how to play various sports, participate in different activities and how to play and behave with others appropriately. Jamin is a shining example for these children and consistently proves himself to be an invaluable member of the ANC’s summer team.

Despite Jamin’s difficult past he has become an extremely sensible and responsible young man with post-secondary education aspirations. An intelligent and dedicated individual, his devotion to volunteer work and his schooling speaks volumes. Jamin is always helping his peers, younger children and spends a lot of his time working to help support his family including his younger siblings. Jamin is a leader whose motivation has such a positive impact on others.