Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The City of St. John's is committed to offering interesting, challenging and inspiring programs to this generation. Engaging youth to participate in quality recreational programs will shape the youth of today into leaders of tomorrow. The Recreation Division is pleased to offer youth in St. John's, ages 12 to 18 years, a variety of programs and service options for general interest, leisure and physical activity. 

Fall 2017 program registration begins 7 a.m., Thursday, August 17.

Youth Programs
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Program Ages Description Registration
Ball Hockey 12 to 16 This is an opportunity for youth to take part in a recreational sport night. Registration is required. Teams will be assigned on a nightly basis. 
Duke of Edinburgh eligible.
Fall 2017
Sept 17 to Dec 10
Basketball 12 to 16 This is an opportunity for youth to take part in a recreational sport night. Registration is required.  Teams will be assigned on a nighly basis. Winter 2018

Arts and Skills

Program Ages Description Registration
Beginner Guitar 12 to 16 Learn the basics of guitar care and musical theory, while being introduced to chords and songs.
Duke of Edinburgh eligible.
Fall 2017
Course #1 Sept 26 to Dec 12
Course #2 Sept 21 to Dec 14
Course #1 Sept 19 to Dec 12
Course #2 Sept 19 to Dec 12
Youth & the ARTS! 12 to 15 Acting, improv, painting, mixed media, poetry, sculptures and so much for youth to get artistically creative outside the lines! Not currently available
Cook It Up! 12 to 15 If your dream is to work in a professional kitchen, or you just love the idea of developing your cooking techniques, the time has arrived. This intense, inspiring cooking program builds the essential skills needed to conquer the kitchen, even if you've never boiled an egg before. Classes are taught by a professional chef and each day is a true hands on experience. Not currently available
Youth Wild for Animals 12 to 15 Learn about veterinary medicine, practical ways you can help with animal emergencies and rescue while interacting with many different species of animals large and small. Participants will receive Basic Pet First Aid Not currenly available
Youth MOVE IT! 12 to 15 Do you like to MOVE IT MOVE IT?!  Join us for a fun filled week of adventure, action games and sports. Not currently available
Girls Active Lifestyle’s (G.A.L’S) 12 to 16 An opportunity for girls to build confidence, self-esteem and develop their strengths in a supportive learning environment, surrounded by strong women role models. Winter 2018


Program Ages Description Registration
Fun on the Water 12 to 14 Paddle your week away with canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  Through fun interactive games like SUP water polo, youth learn basic paddling techniques. Not currently available
Outdoor Pursuits 12 to 14 This program is designed to provide youth with a true outdoor experience.  Develop skills and have fun in various outdoor pursuits including wilderness survival, outdoor cooking, fire building, boating and much more! Not currently available
Camping Frontier 12 to 15 This week is designed for youth to build skills and prepare for an end of the week true outdoor overnight camping experience.  Not currently available
Backcountry Ventures 12 to 15 This week delivers an experience like no other giving campers a sense of adventure and discovery! Campers build skills of boat handling, outdoor cooking and back country camping all while having fun. End the week with an incredible overnight adventure of exploration and paddling.
*Duke of Edinburgh eligible
Not currently available
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Adventure Journey Week 14 to 16 This week is designed to provide youth completing their Bronze Award with the skills necessary to complete the Adventurous Journey portion of their award. It will include preliminary training, the bronze practice journey, and bronze qualifying journey. Not currently available



Program Description Registration
Cook with Herbs & Spices Cooking with herbs and spices is what gives food flavor and makes it taste great.  This course will have you identifying different tastes by smell, experimenting with seasonings and creating a delicious dip of your own! For more details or to register click date below:
Oct. 4, 2017
Electronic Fabrication Learn how electronic devices work and build your own during this hands on experience. For more details or to register click link below:
Nov. 6, 2017
Paint Night Learn to paint with acrylic paints to create your own masterpiece. For more details or to register click link below:
Nov. 7, 2017
Animal Care Bring your hugging arms as you interact with some of the loveable cats and dogs in the shelter. Tour the shelter and hospital and learn about animal rescue, pet care, careers with animals and bite prevention. Winter 2018
Architectural Design Learn how to build 3D graphical models of buildings using computer software. For more details or to register, click date below:
Nov. 27, 2017
Classic Cross Country Ski If you've never skied before, or have been frustrated skier, this course will help get you started on the right track.  All equipment is provided. Not currently available
Robotics Learn how programs work and how to program your own robot.  All necessary materials provided. Witner 2018
Canoeing Learn and practice basic canoe skills through a variety of games and activities. Not currently available
Kayaking Learn and practice basic kayak skills through a variety of games and activities. Not currently available
Archery Take aim and learn about archery basics: shooting techniques, equipment and safety aspects. Target shooting will fine tune your skills. Not currently available
Geo Caching Geo-caching is a high tech worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. While on a short hike locate hidden containers called geo-caches using maps and G.P.S. units. Not currently available
Outdoor Cooking Tired of eating the same old camp food? Outdoor instructors will teach you how to prepare a menu, set up your cooking space and cook nutritious meals over the camp stove. We will discuss different stoves and fuel types as we cook a shared meal on a variety of stoves. Vegetarian options available. All equipment provided. Not currently available
Stand Up Paddle Board SUP is the fastest growing water sport in North America. From lakes to oceans to rivers stand up paddle boards can get you where you want to go. During this full body workout we will teach you the basics to enjoying a day on the water. Learn how to properly and safely get on and off your board in this 2 or 3 hour lessons. All equipment is provided. Come prepared to be in the water. Not currently available
Fixed & Slide Seat Rowing Experience rowing in both fixed and slide seat shells. Certified coaches of the Royal St. John's Regatta will provide instruction in fixed seat rowing techniques. Certified coaches in Olympic style rowing will provide instruction in slide seat single and eight person shells. Not currently available
Indoor Cooking The kitchen becomes an action packed classroom where youth measure, chop, sift, sauté and eat their way to new found knowledge, skills and attitudes towards food. Not currently available
Art of Photography This course will guide you through creative approaches to photography including:  use of light, composition, camera modes and settings.  During a practical photo shoot focusing on technique, train your eye to see the extraordinary and gain a new perspective in photography. Not currently available

Leadership and Training

Program Ages Description Registration
X-Cellent Leader 12 to 14 X-cellent leader is a fun and interactive program with a focus on team dynamics and inclusion, self-esteem building and leadership skills. Not currently available
Youth Children’s Leader 14 to 18 Learn how to provide children with the opportunities for play and mastery while developing skills as caring leaders. Not currently available
Youth Inclusion Leader 14 to 18 This course focuses on developing a leader's advocacy for inclusion in recreation and leisure settings.  Topics to be explored are:  Empathy, mentorship, multiculturalism, ability, gender identity and mental health. Winter 2018
Youth Outdoor Leader 14 to 18 A fun and adventurous program with a focus on training youth in leadership and outdoor skills. Not currently available
Youth Fire Services Leader 14 to 18 Youth Fire Services Leader Program gives youth the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be a firefighter, through teaching life-skills like leadership, community involvement, teamwork, pride and respect.
Through theoretical and practical training provided by SJRFD, Fire Services Leaders learn basic firefighting skills, and, how to apply those skills and values into daily activities.
NOTE:  Participants are required to have steel toed boots for each session.  All other safety equipment and program supplies will be provided.
For more details or to register click link below:
Oct 18 to Dec 6, 2017
Animal First Aid & Emergency Response 14 to 18 This program will start at the Animal Care and Adoption Centre to learn about practical ways you can help with animal emergencies and rescue. Then we continue the learning with a nature walk to North Bank Lodge for basic pet first aid. Along with animal interactions at both sites, participants will get a Pet First Aid video and certificate of completion. Not currently available
High Five Strengthening Children’s Mental Health 14 to 18 One in five children/youth experience mental health issues. This workshop is a new training opportunity offered through HIGH FIVE National based on the research and expertise of mental health providers and the recreation sector. Great opportunity to learn about issues facing children, prevention, symptoms, as well as supports and resources. Participants will receive certificate of completion. For more details or to register click date below:
Oct 10 & 11, 2017

Bus Tours

Program Ages Description Registration
Bell Island Adventure 12 to 16 Experience why Bell Island has been called the most haunted island in all of North America!  After the ferry ride we'll tour underground mines, and trek through a tunnel to Grebe's Nest Beach which is full of exposed layers of shale, siltstone and sandstone.  We'll visit the lighthouse and you'll get a change to sit in musical icon Harry Hibbs' chair, and of course we'll enjoy some tasty food at lunch! Not currently available

Drop In

Location Ages Day Fall 2017 Dates Time
Southlands Community Centre 10 to 13 Tuesdays Sept 12 to Dec 12, 2017 6:15 to 8:15 p.m.
13 to 16 Thursdays Sept 14 to Dec 14, 2017
St. John Bosco School 10 to 14 Tuesdays Sept.12 to Dec 12, 2017 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Shea Heights Community Centre 12 to 16 Wednesdays Sept 13 to Dec 13, 2017 6:30 to 8 p.m.
10 to 14 Thursdays Sept 14 to Dec 14, 2017
Kilbride Community Centre 12 to 16 Mondays & Wednesdays Oct 11 to Dec 13, 2017 6 to 7:30 p.m.


Open Mic / Coffee House

Medical Forms

If your child has any medical conditions please complete the appropriate form below. All forms must be submitted before the start of the program.
Allergy Package
Medical Package
Seizure Package

For more information please go to REConnect or email or call 709-576-8631 or 709-576-8499.
If your child requires support or assistance to participate in the program, please call 709-576-4450 or email