Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

The City of St. John's Recreation Division offers outdoor recreation programs on a year-round basis. The City encourages residents of St. John's to take advantage of our region and its rugged and natural scenic beauty. Get outdoors, get active, challenge yourself and learn new skills that will enable you to explore the great outdoors.

Our Staff
Our Equipment
What to Wear

Our Staff
As program instructors, The City of St. John’s Outdoor staff is dedicated to providing an enjoyable program experience for all who participates. All staff are first aid and CPR certified and meet or exceed industry standards for instructor certifications and training. 

Our Equipment
We provide programming and safety equipment for all activities. Please indicate any special needs or allergies to allow us to prepare for your programs or activities. Adaptive equipment is available to assist persons with disabilities.

What to Wear

Winter Clothing

  • Dress in layers: a base layer that will wick moisture away from the skin, a mid layer that will provide insulation, and a waterproof outer layer to keep you dry.
  • Base and mid layers should be made of a synthetic wicking fabric or wool, which are fabrics that will pull moisture away from the skin. Cotton fabrics are a poor choice.
  • Warm socks, mitts and toques are a must!
  • Wear warmer clothing for low-energy programs such as Outdoor Skills, and less warm, more breathable clothing for high-energy programs such as Cross Country Skiing

Summer Clothing

  • Be ready for the weather! bring rain gear if needed, or a hat and sunscreen if it is sunny.
  • Always bring a water bottle.
  • bring a backpack for small personal items.
  • For all water sport activities, wear clothing, including shoes that can get wet.

For further information, please call 709-576-8522, 709-576-8500 or email: recreation@stjohns.ca