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Forms and Information Packages

Attendant Pass

An Attendant Pass enables an attendant or support worker to accompany an individual with a disability to activities and/or events free of charge. Applications are completed in the name of the person with the disability, are required to be verified by a professional (Physician, Social Worker or representative of a disability agency) and must include a photo. Photos may also be emailed to Certain restrictions may apply.

In some instances, Inclusive Services can issue an Attendant Pass for staff of agencies or organizations who support individuals with a disability. For more information please call 709-576-4450 or email

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.

Attendant Passes are recognized at the following venues.  Other venues may accept Attendant Passes as well.  Please call ahead of time to ensure your pass will be accepted.

  • City of St. John's Facilities and Events
  • Mile One Centre
  • Arts & Culture Centre
  • Metrobus
  • The Works/Aquarena

Application forms are available:

  • online
  • H.G.R Mews Community Centre
  • Paul Reynolds Community Centre
  • by contacting Inclusive Services staff at 709-576-4450
  • by emailing

Fit Finders

Offered Fall, Winter and Spring to groups servicing those facing ability related barriers. Groups are given the opportunity to participate in recreation and leisure activities within a safe, supportive environment, with dedicated and experienced recreation staff. Program duration is 1 to 2 hours. Maximum group size is dependent upon barriers faced by participants and activity selected. Group leaders are expected to attend to support participants. Seasonal activities may include: badminton, ball hockey, basketball, boccia, crafting, curling (floor), walking/hiking, healthy lifestyle sessions, low impact fitness, low impact water fitness, soccer, soccer-baseball, T-ball, T'ai Chi Chih, team building activities, Wii fitness, yoga, and zumba. Other activities may be available upon request.

Please Note: Fit Finders are based on instructor and equipment availability and may be weather dependent. For more information or to book a recreation program, please call 709-576-4450 or email or Click Here.

Information Distribution

Resource information is available to the public on community recreation, leisure opportunities and inclusion services. Presentations and training for inclusion and sensitivity/disability awareness may be available to groups, students and agencies upon request, however we are unable to fulfill requests occurring between June and August.

Adaptive Equipment Lending

Adaptive equipment improves access tothe City's trails, parks, beaches, arenas, and recreation programs for those with mobility related disabilities. This free, lending service is based on availability and reservation. Most equipment may be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. A minimum of 1 week notice is appreciated for requests.

Current Adaptive Recreation Equipment Inventory:

  • 2 Hippocampe All-Terrain Wheelchairs (2 sizes with available ski attachments)
  • 2 Ice Sledges (2 sizes with available ice picks)
  • Snowcoaches Adapted Slide
  • NEW Top End Excelorator Handcycle- Coming Spring/Summer 2021!
  • Sit Ski (Available for use only at the Pippy Park Winter Activity Centre)

Reserve adaptive equipment in 3 easy steps!

  1. Email or call 576-6972 to check out availablity
  2. New users must schedule an equipment orientation with staff. Returning users must schedule a pickup time with staff.
  3. All users must complete and return the Adaptive Equipment Lending Request.

Forms can be returned by:

  • Email at
  • Fax 576-2308
  • In person at the Recreation Divison, Administrative Office, 1 Crosbie Place
Hippocamp All-Terrain Wheelchair with Wheels  
An all-terrain wheelchair that is lightweight, easy to transport and waterproof. The large, wide wheels make it easier than traditional, personal wheelchairs to navigate trails and lightly packed stone.
  • Lightweighted
  • Water friendly
  • May be towed, pushed or self-propelled
  • Removeable and adjustable accessories
  • Carrying bag
  • Quick release accessories
  • Available in 2 sizes
    • Small (16' seat with 23 inch leg space)
    • Large (16" seat with 36 inch leg space

Ideas for use:

  • Sidewalks
  • Trails
  • Parks
  • Splashpads

Video:  Hippocamp with wheels


Hippocamp All-Terrain Wheelchair with Skis
An all-terrain wheelchair with ski attachments make this chair ready for the snow! An attendant is required to push when skis are attached.
  • Lighweight
  • Easy to remove and adjust accessories
  • Carrying bag
  • Available in 2 sizes
    • Small (16" seat with 23 inch leg space)
    • Latge (16" seat with 36 inch leg space)

Ideas for use:

  • Trails
  • Parks
  • Level or low-grade trails
  • Level or low-grade parks
  • Not recommended for downhill use

Video:  Hippocampe with Skis


Ice Sledge
Ice Sledges provide a seated skating experience. Ideal for leisure skating or sledge hockey.
  • Optional rear push handle
  • Optional self-propelling picks
  • Adjustable telscoping leg/feet rest
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • Standard 14" bucket seat
    • Large 16" bucket seat

Ideas for use:

  • Local arenas
  • Bannerman Park Loop
  • School group skating fieldtrips
Snowcoach Adapted Slide
An adapted slide for users with low upper and lower body strength who require an attendant to enjoy winter outdoors.
  • Rear push handle
  • Optional rear glider attchement for attendant
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Brakes

Ideas for use:

  • Level or low-grade trails
  • Level or low-grade parks


Top End Excelorator Handcycle Trike
A hand driven tricycle for those with good upper body stength and coordination.
  • Hand propelled and hand shifting gears
  • Coaster brake and locking park brake
  • 17" wide, sliding adjustable seat
  • Adjustable footrest

Ideas for use:

  • Trails
  • Parks
  • Neighbourhoods

Video:  Excelorator Handcycle Trike

Sit Ski

Available on loan for use at the Pippy Park Winter Activity Centre ONLY

A sit ski, or sometimes referred to as a bi-ski, is best suited for users with good upper body strength and coordination. For use on cross country trails only.

  • Adjustable telescopic footrest
  • Onsite fitting for poles at the Winter Activity Centre