Pre-school Programs

Pre-school Programs


Preschool is a part time preschool program that focuses on socialization, early educational concepts, physical literacy with a focus on fundamentals, basic movement and skiils taught through fun activities.  Staff will build on children's interests and abilities, and offer age appropriate activities and learning centres.
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Course               Ages Days        Dates                 Time               Location        Cost 
Preschool 10851 4-5 M W F Sep 17- Dec 7 9am- noon PRCC $408
Preschool 10852 4-5 Tu Th Sep 18-Dec 6 9am- noon PRCC $288
Preschool 10854 4-5 Tu Th Sept 18-Dec 6 9am- noon Southlands $288


Comments from Parents of the Active Preschool Program:

“When I found out about Active Preschool last summer, I had no doubt that this was where I wanted my child to go. While I had come to know and appreciate the caliber of programming from the City of St. John’s from a professional standpoint, I was still impressed from a parent perspective. The staff were always bright and cheery in the mornings; they were always engaging with the kids; my child came home and could tell me personal things about the teachers, like “Jennifer really likes Olaf because she thinks he is funny!” My child loves her weekend time with Mommy and Daddy, but she started talking about how she couldn’t wait for Monday because “Monday is a preschool day.” That is a high compliment, let me tell you!”
“My daughter is in the Active Preschool Program and LOVES it!  She can't wait to go each morning. A huge thank you to all of you!” 

If your child requires support or assistance to participate in the program, please call 709-576-4450 or email
For more information on the Active Preschool Program, please call 709-576-8631 or 709-576-8499 or email