The 911 Communications Centre is housed in Central Fire Station and provides the 24-hour a day 911 emergency system to residents within the Northeast Avalon.

The 911 Centre answers emergency calls for the following Agencies:

  • Fire
  • Police
  • Ambulance (Medical)
  • Poison Control
  • Coast Guard
  • Crisis Centre

In addition, the 911 Communications Centre provides monitoring services to:

  • Provincial Alarm System – the ESC 8500 is connected to numerous public buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. within the SJRFD’s jurisdiction.
  • TTY Hearing Impaired Telephone System – Hearing impaired residents are able to reach 911 services through a dedicated TTY telephone system.

All Fire Department related calls (fire and rescue) within the region (and its six outlying jurisdictions) are handled directly by 911 dispatchers as part of the SJRFD. All other calls are promptly forwarded to the appropriate agency. The 911 Communications Centre will remain fully functional in the event of a shutdown crisis in the building or area – there is the added security back-up of a Redundant 911 Centre located in the Mount Pearl Fire Station, which is designed to be operational within seconds of a critical event.