Outdoor maple tapping workshop & demo

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
meet/park at the Pippy Park maintenance yard, off Nagle's Place

Learn how maple syrup is made and how to make your own maple syrup easily at home. This workshop teaches participants how to safely & sustainably tap a maple tree for healthy sap which can be enjoyed straight or boiled down into sweet maple syrup.

Any type of maple tree can be tapped in March for your own tasty syrup. This event is free of charge, donations to fund Friends of Pippy Park efforts such as maple season events & community gardening are gladly accepted.

Meet at the large parking lot/maintenance yard off Nagle's Place and just before Pippy Park HQ, parking is available in the yard and also a short walk away at Pippy Park HQ. The grove is just a few minutes walk into the trees from where we meet up. Winter footwear is required as getting up close to the trees may involve going over snowbanks. Weather permitting, one of the Mobile Goats will be in attendance!