Lecture: Food and allergy prevention

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 7:00pm
IIC-2001, Memorial University

Free public lecture: Can we feed our babies better to prevent allergies?

An infant’s immune system develops early in life and one of the most important functions is the ability to learn how to ‘tolerate’ foods in their diet.

Failure to develop immune tolerance results in in food allergies. There is an increasing incidence of food related allergies in infants and diet is likely one of the causes. Breast feeding reduces the risk of developing allergies, but recent studies have suggested that there are foods and nutrients that mom can eat while breast feeding that can improve immune tolerance and even further reduce the chance that her child will develop a food allergy.

Dr. Catherine Field, University of Alberta will present new recommendations and research that provides evidence that we can feed our babies better to prevent food allergies. 

A reception will follow and limited free parking is available in Lot 17.