Be A Change Maker Conference

Repeats every day until Tue Oct 16 2018 .
Monday, October 15, 2018 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Road


When you hear the word CHANGE, what comes to mind? Do you get excited? Do you feel anxious and stressed? Is your first thought, “why do I need to change, everything is working fine”... Are you someone who regularly takes risks and who embraces change or are you a person who is hesitant and maybe fearful? Change Making can take many forms. The impact can affect your personal and professional life. It can also alter the way your work is done as well as the workplace culture. Change can result in how our organizations operate and how they develop their programs and policies. It impacts attitudes and it can transform how we connect with other people in our lives. Learning how to deal with change can lead to increased health and wellness. This Conference will profile several keynote speakers, all of whom consider themselves to be change makers. Through listening to them as they share their experiences, as well as by participating in a range of concurrent sessions, you will learn more about how change happens and how you can use this awareness as a positive and powerful force in your life.