Who is eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen; and
  • 18 years of age or older; and
  • ordinarily resident in the City of St. John’s for 30 days preceding election day.

What do you mean by “ordinarily resident”?

Section 24 of The Municipal Elections Act defines your ordinary place of residence as follows:
(a) a person shall be a resident of the place where he or she lives and sleeps and to which, when absent, he or she intends to return; 
(b) residency is not lost by a person who leaves that residence for temporary purposes only; and
(c) the place where a person's family resides shall be his or her residence unless that person commences and continues to live at some other place with the intention of remaining there, in which case, the person shall be considered to be resident in the place in which he or she intends to reside.
A person shall, for the purpose of this Act, have only one place of residency.

How does the vote by mail procedure work?

Prior to election day, each voter on the voters list receives a Vote By Mail Kit. Simply follow the voting instructions in the kit and complete the enclosed voter declaration form and ballot and return both in the provided envelope.

 Will my ballot remain secret?

Yes! The process for sorting and storing the Vote By Mail Return Envelopes has security features that will protect the secrecy of your vote.  As vote by mail returns are received by the City, elections staff immediately separate the voter declaration form (VDF) from the sealed secrecy ballot.  Secrecy ballots remains sealed until election day and are stored separately and safely under lock and key with restricted access.  The Election Coordinator holds the only key to the storage area.  The VDF forms once scanned, register the elector as having voted.  

Will the Ballots be counted as they are received?

No. All returned Secrecy Envelopes containing the ballots will be stored in a secured area until election day. 

What arrangements have been made to accommodate persons with disabilities?

The Elections Coordinator will be working with the Advisory Committee on Accessibility and Inclusion to ensure accessibility. 

  • As the City is using Vote by Mail, each voter will have approximately two weeks in which to cast their ballot. A family member and/or trusted friend can assist you in completing your ballot, if required. If such a person is not available to you, you may contact Access St. John’s Service Center at 311 and speak with a Citizen Service Representative who will gladly help you. 
  • All of our Satellite Drop-off Centers are wheelchair accessible and will have staff available to provide assistance to voters who require it.