Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The mandate of the Department of Corporate Services is to excel in providing services and support to both internal and external customers enabling the City to maximize its effectiveness and potential. The Corporate Services team provides a diverse range of support services to the City’s operating departments, including human resources, information systems management, materials procurement and risk management. The Department of Corporate Services with the City of St. John’s is responsible for:

Corporate Services Organizational Chart

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Corporate Services head office is located on the fourth floor of City Hall.

Contact us at:
Corporate Services – City of St. John’s
P.O. Box 908, St. John’s, NL  A1C 5M2

Materials Management
The Materials Management Division administers the City's centralized purchasing policies ensuring that all departments can purchase materials and equipment in compliance with the Public Tendering Act. The division also maintains and controls various inventories located throughout the City facilities.

Information Services
The City’s buildings and facilities are linked in a wide area network (WAN) with each building and facility having an individual local area network (LAN). The Information Services Division maintains these networks and attendant communication links, along with all attached hardware (servers, routers, switches, computers, printers, etc.) and software (corporate-wide ERP business applications, office suite applications, individual business applications, e-mail, Internet/Intranet, etc.). The division also provides Help Desk support to all City employees on the network.

Land Information Services
The division is responsible for the preparation, reproduction and/or filing of computer assisted drafting (CAD) engineering drawings, development plans, digital maps and similar documents, as well as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requirements for all City departments.

Risk Management and Emergency Planning
The division is responsible for acquiring insurance coverage for City owned land, buildings and equipment. In addition, coverage is obtained to protect the City from potential liability claims. The division is also responsible for identifying areas where the City could be exposed to potential risk and/or losses and defining and implementing measures that will minimize the potential risk and/or losses. The division is also responsible to ensure that mitigation measures, response and recovery plans are in place for all hazards including natural, technological and human caused disasters.

Human Resource Management
Human Resources serves the organization with the objective to develop and implement human resource management strategies that will attract, develop and retain a diverse, engaged, productive and talented workforce.